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homework helpline: True student performance software

Homework Helpline by ThinkOwl:

Your Powerful Tool to Augment the Classroom Experience

Your Powerful Tool to Augment the Classroom Experience​

Empowering students
through easy access, quick answers, profound knowledge.

Easy student-mentor communication
with a single, out-of-the-box solution based on AI.

Support of students when needed –
any device, any type of conversation.

Actionable data for all stakeholders –
administrators, teachers and parents get the real picture.

Your Benefits. Our Mission.

your standards. your materials

Your Standards &
Your Materials

Math, Science, Social Studies, English, AP/IB, STEM, & more

perfect communication

Right Mentor. Right Place. Right Time.

Connect students with the subject matter experts offer individualized support in


Integration With All the Tools You Love

Resource recommendation engine with must-have integrations: SIS, LMS, Google, Classroom, Whiteboards, etc.
Privacy & Security

Privacy & Security

Custom phone numbers deliver unrivaled privacy for mentors and students

Intuitive interface

Intuitive Interface

Easy to use with all tools on a single screen
Robust Knowledge Base

Robust Knowledge Base

Student Q&A is logged and report sent to all relevant stakeholders

It's Premium, Out-of-the-Box

Supports any State Standards

Customizable | Math, Science, Social Studies, English, AP/IB, STEM, & more.

Response to Intervention

Mobilize the right support for the right subject at the exact moment your students need it.

Pathways to Accelerated and Improved Learning

Student Q&A is logged, and report sent to all relevant stakeholders.

From YOUR Knowledge Base

Resource recommendations: SIS, LMS, Google Classroom, Canvas, class worksheets, etc.

Professional Performance Software

Know where students are struggling across entire populations for additional corrective action in class.

Homework Helpline – Made by AI Experts

You can expect the best out of our unique experience in AI, IT, and infrastructure. Founded in 1996, our team creates innovative solutions to improve digital intelligence.
  • Leading international specialist in the field of intelligent digitization of communication
  • Unique expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning
  • Led by passionate software innovators since 1996
  • Unrivaled privacy and security standards
  • Highest demands on UX design (intuitive user interface)
  • Compliant with all data and cloud regulations and requirements for enterprises and educational institutions
AI experts with more than 25 years of AI experience
“Every student deserves to reach their full potential. Our mission is to help them with the AI-based Homework Helpline. We strongly believe AI provides insights to create a new learning and mentoring environment for students. Our cognitive assistance system expands our human abilities.“
Joe Radomsky
Joe Radomsky, VP and GM - ThinkOwl

How Homework Helpline Works

How homework helpline works
homework helpline: fully funded solution

Fully Funded and Compliant Solution

FERPA-compliant Education Assistive Technology, qualifying it as Student Performance Software under ARP ESSER Fund Guidelines.

What does this mean for you?

You are able to leverage currently-available funding to cover 100% of the cost of the Homework Helpline.

We’ll work with our partners to access the funds granted to you from the Federal and State governments just waiting for you to utilize it.

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